Public Food is a movement working on the junction of strategy, action research and development. We are founded in 2020 and based in the Netherlands.


Floris Visser  (1985) combines his background as artist with a background in cultural critique and social sciences to engage with questions around the organization of collectivity. His praxis is based on research and development of concepts and formats that help actualize notions of plurality, access and dialogue. This process is one of going back and forth between concept and daily political struggle, and conversely, between status quo and new design principles. He likes to incorporate politics, aesthetics and production all into one working strategy to make an idea tangible and testable on the ground. Floris graduated from the Dutch Art Institute (MA) and studied Interdisciplinairy Social Sciences, followed by Language and Cultural Studies (BA).   


Mari Pitkanen (1984) ) is a vegan chef. What started as an activist approach to promote plant-based food, has evolved into a passion for cooking, supported by working experience in many different professional kitchens and a cooking degree. Her academic background in social sciences (BA Philosophy) and humanities (RMA Gender and Ethnicity) resonates in her work as a chef. Especially her interest in new models for a sustainable, plant-based future for our planet, and her conviction that we need interdisciplinary methodologies to forge innovative solutions to the problems we face we regards to our food systems.